Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waukegan Beach

For the photograph on your own assignment I decided to get away from the PA State Parks and Pittsburgh Urban Parks and try something different.  So while I was at home in Waukegan, Illinois for a few days I ventured down to the beach, which is just a short drive from my house, to take photos.  I went as the sun was setting, hoping it would give a different look to my photos since all of our trips happen in the morning when the sun is coming up.  The original intention was to try and see the moon rising over the lake since it was a full moon, but unfortunately it was too hazy after the sun was set.  Nevertheless I got good photographs on the beach. 

The Waukegan Beach is full of all these sand dunes, and looking at the beach it looks like a bunch of sand mountains, I have never been to another beach with these sand dunes, so I really like the uniqueness of this beach.

Since I was there at dusk I was able to get these really warm tones in my photos, which I liked because they look so different from all the other photographs I have taken for this class.  

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