Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stephen Chalmers

On Friday March 30, photographer Stephen Chalmers came to speak at Point Park University about his project titled “Unmarked.”  When I heard about what this series was about I was immediately intrigued.  Chalmers takes photographs where serial killers have dumped their victims.  I thought this was a really interesting project to do, and something I had never heard of, so I was excited to see his images and hear him speak.   In talking about his work Chalmers said that he likes to see how sites of trauma or where trauma happened can heal from that trauma.  He also said with his photos he is trying to dey information to the viewer through the photo, he wants the viewer to think.  
While I really like the idea of his project, I was not terribly impressed with the photographs themselves.  A lot of them look like just snapshots, and they were not really remarkable.  I was really hoping the photographs would be really intense and intriguing to go along with his purpose for shooting them, but to me they just weren’t.  

Here's a link to his work:

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