Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abandoned Turnpike

On Saturday April 21 my nature photography class took its final trip of the semester.  We went to the Abandoned Turnpike which is near Breezewood, PA.  This trip was different than all of the other trips we have taken.  We got to the turnpike, parked, and proceeded to walk about a mile on the abandoned road to the tunnel.  Along the road was "nature" and that provided photo opportunities.  Once we got to the tunnel we saw that a lot of the outside and the visible inside was covered with some rather profane graffiti.  But it was completely abandoned.  Walking through the tunnel was an experience, it was cold, dark, and kind of wet, and very echoey.  The tunnel itself was a little over a mile long.  Once we got to the other side we saw more graffiti, and some of us went upstairs in the tunnel, which was pretty cool.  

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