Monday, February 20, 2012

McConnells Mill

On Saturday February 18th we went to McConnells Mill for nature photography.  We went to two different places within the park, starting with Hell's Hollow.  This area of the park was perfect for doing long exposures on the many little and not so little waterfalls and the roaring river (stream? creek? one of the three).

After taking quite a few long exposure water pictures I ended up with one I really like.   I took other water photos that I liked, but I like the composition of this one, and what really draws me to this one is the leaf sticking up from the water.

After Hell's Hollow we drove to another park of the park where the actual mill was.  This area was really beautiful.  I spent time photographing a big waterfall.  For this trip I mainly focused on photographing around the water.

There were many little streams that I enjoyed taking photos by.  I liked being able to get really close to whatever I was photographing and capture how different things (i.e. pebbles, sand, leaves) interacted with the water.    

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