Monday, March 12, 2012

Schenley Park

The other week we went to Schenley Park to photograph some more.  The day started off as a warm day with the sun peeking through the clouds, and soon turned into a wet, drizzley, dark, and cloudy day.  Despite the grossness of the weather, some areas of the park were still beautiful and I got some good photographs.

We came upon this creek that had no stairs or path down to it, and I of course decided to be adventurous and climb down to the stream, leaving Amy and Aldona at the top looking at me like I was insane.  Insane as I may be, I got some really good photos of leaves in the stream down there.

After that we came to this swampy area with dead leaves and gross looking water and little green plants coming up from the ground.  The juxtaposition between the green and the dead leaves and muddy water was interesting to photograph. I also enjoyed photographing the gross water, the colors in it and the swirls look good in the photographs.  

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